BMW 1 Series USA Debut

Without any image assets to begin teasing the launch of the new 1 Series, I built a life-size 1 Series out of paper mounted to foam core and created a video of the car “driving” around Manhattan, generating curious stares and excitement from passers-by. The website featured step by step tools for users to create their own lifesize or desktop version of the paper car.

• The video was featured in The New York Times and eMarketer Magazine, and was in the top 20 most viewed car-related videos on YouTube over the first 3 weeks of its debut.
• This teaser video was part of the award-winning 1 Series Online Campaign which ran from March 26 + April 9, 2008 and included the most successful Homepage Takeover Yahoo history. It actually crashed the Yahoo server.
• 0.28 CTR (significantly high for a homepage takeover unit)
• 360MM+ impressions
• 876,800 clicks


The 1 Series is Coming
Website Experience


*Finalists in the Online Media Branding category of the 2008 Creative Media Awards.  


Besides the "Paper Car" teaser, we created Facebook applications to attract a younger audience to BMW's least expensive “gateway” model.

The Joyrides application allowed users to customize their 1 Series and take their friends on a Joyride to fun locations. With tons of destinations and activities to choose from, users could send all of their friends on as many joyrides as they choose. Over 42,000 Facebook users installed the application.