Samsung Experiential: Samsung Owners at Austin City Limits

The Ask:
Engage with Samsung Owners at the 2015 Austin City Limits Festival, and position the Note 5 device as the ultimate artist’s toolkit. 

The Strategy: No one obsesses more over their tools than artists do.
Demonstrate the Note 5 in the context of live art creation.

The Solution:  Our digital devices can augment creativity regardless of medium.
We asked two world-renowned street artists, Saber and Apexer, to create a hybrid wall marrying digital and analog artwork. On one side, we have Saber and Apexer with their spray cans…and next to them, we gave Owners a chance to create using the Note 5. With Saber and Apexer painting alongside our Owners, paintbrush, spray can and stylus became one medium.  

ACL Hyperlapse: Saber x Apexer

Samsung Owner Story: Teresa

Samsung Owner Story: Grace