BMW Z4: Expression of Joy Campaign


SILVER Caples Interactive Consumer Campaign Winner

To launch the redesigned Z4 online, we concepted interactive, mobile, and viral devices to sync with the general campaign created by Idea City. This project was the first collaboration between dotglu, BMW’s interactive agency of record, and Idea City, the general agency of record, in launching a synchronized campaign. I kicked off this project by traveling to Austin to concept with the creative directors there. What materialzed was the brand's first seamless campaign across all platforms.

Site concept
To extend the “Expression of Joy” event filmed to launch the car, we invited online users to “Express their Joy” by creating an interactive paint tool that allows users to explore the car using the “300 hp paintbrush.”


A website introduced the Z4 performance art school as an institution for those who want to experience art with a 300-hp paintbrush. The site featured:

• Paintbrushes with small cars at the end of sticks instead of brushes or pens that look like Z4s and draw double tire tracks
• These can also be given away at BMW centers, with a url to drive to the site
• Wallpaper application, allowing users to draw on their desktop wallpaper with a Z4-styled cursor
• Sketch pads with lane or highway lines in the middle can be given out at BMW centers with a url driving to the site.
• Photoshop brush. Users can download a Z4 Photoshop brush to add to their palette


• Classes in session, as taught by Robin Rhode
• Students using small cars as paintbrushes on small canvases or shoeboxes
• Performance Drivers discussing the modern art style and theories of marking along the apex of a track to a wine-sipping audience
• All videos can also be posted on YouTube to advertise the school and attract prospective “students”