Samsung Galaxy Device Launch

Samsung Mobile launched three new devices: the Galaxy GSII, the Galaxy Nexus, and the Galaxy Note in early 2012. The phones were debuted via Facebook right at Superbowl time: we created a 3D exploration of key features of each device. I worked as the ACD on the interactive media (Razorfish, Chicago), that debuted these phones. 

Galaxy Note

Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy SII


We were also asked to concept a Facebook sweepstakes for each phone, beginning with the Galaxy Note. The sweepstakes brief required that users participated by viewing a video. Our solution was the creation of a contest, Spin & Win, that associated a user’s friends’ personality traits to key phone features. We made a very quick demo video for each phone that the user had to watch, while the sweepstakes scanned the user’s friends, randomly tagging them to the traits. For example, “Which one of your friends is the “paparazzi”?” to highlight the 8MP camera, or “Which one of your friends is the overachiever and doesn’t know the meaning of rest?” to nod to the device’s impressive battery life.