TOMS Digital: Fall Campaign

The first season TOMS scrapped the print catalog for an all-digital season, I lead the creative team in redesigning the TOMS online shopping experience. By upgrading the UX with more intuitive digital interactions, elegantly balancing brand storytelling & product promotion within ecommerce, and unifying visual branding across social channels, the design improvements I implemented resulted in the company’s highest growth period of online sales to date.

I was the lead creative on this campaign which in addition to the digital catalog, included retail (windows), social media, emails, and wholesale.

Another first for TOMS during this season: giving in the USA. Until this time, TOMS was known for its international shoe and sight giving based on its One for One model–for every pair of shoes or eyewear purchased, a child receives a pair or shoes or a person’s sight is restored.

I scouted the location, organized shot lists for two photographers (Clarke Tolton, lifestyle and Dunja Dumanski, product). During the shoot, I styled all the product shots. I also worked closely with the video team to synchronize field footage from the giving trip with the product promotions. In post production, I lead a team of designers who executed the final artwork for production.